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Don’t take life too seriously. Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit. Laugh at it.

—Colleen Hoover (via observando)

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april 15th
Drive to my house in the middle of the night like we never broke each other’s hearts.

june 18th
You made me so fragile. I used to smile through the pain but since you left even raindrops burn through my skin. Everything hurts now. I’m trying to hold myself up but it’s like you took my bones along with our fucking record player.

september 8th
I quit smoking. I thought I could fill my lungs with smoke instead of you but I just cough a lot and all my clothes smell like smoke. I miss the way they used to smell like you. I miss you.

january 22nd
I thought I saw you last night and I almost threw up but you’re asleep somewhere in Texas and I’m stuck in Jersey trying to find less life threatening ways to miss your voice.

february 1st
My best friend got mad and told me I was too cold and tired to love and I heard my bones break because I still remember the night you said the same thing to me.

may 17th
I thought I was over you but the boy I fell asleep on the phone with me asked me why I kept saying your name in my sleep.

june 4th
I wanted to hear your voice but I forgot the way it wraps around my heart and tightens till I pass out. I shouldn’t have called. I’ll probably call again tomorrow. Sorry.

august 29th
How did you stop missing me so fast? I need to figure out how to get you out of my head. Nothing works. I’m fucked. I love you.

—voicemails I would’ve left you if I hadn’t choked on my words (via extrasad)

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all i ever say is “ugh” because it can show confusion, lust, disgust and contempt, and that’s pretty much my life 

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